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Antarctic Traverse
1800 miles starting on the edge of Berkner Island the route crosses the sea ice before climbing and heading to the Pole. From the Pole they will continue towards the Ross Ice Shelf which they will reach by descending the crevassed ‘ Devil’s Dancefloor’ and the Axel Heiberg glacier. From there it is then 600 miles to the finish at McMurdo Station.
Experienced, determined and well prepared.  The team’s achievements include: four trans-Atlantic rows, an Indian Ocean row, summits of Denali and Everest and three crossings of Greenland plus countless ultras and smaller expeditions.  The team  has numerous Guinness World Records and a British Record from their expeditions.
There is an opportunity to be part of this incredible journey. In 2012 there are not many genuine, uncontrived firsts to be had but we are looking for supporters to sponsor a mile, buy an item of equipment, buy a day or more in exchange for your involvement and exposure through an expedition that will become part of endurance and polar history.
Ian Couch
Niall McCann
Ben Thackwray

A never before completed expedition. 1800 Miles of hard work, grit and determination in the face of the harshest environment on earth. An expedition to inspire.  An expedition to demonstrate strength through adversity by core values of trust and reliability, hard work, loyalty -all underpinned by the latest forward thinking technology.

A proven experienced team who deliver time and again on demanding expeditions in a variety of the world’s harshest environments.
No false claims, no repeated promises and failed deliveries. Honest, current and hard working adventurers attempting to push the forefront of expeditionary endeavours.

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